Chief executive officer's message

UAE’s vibrant economy paved the ground for establishing CARS TAXI Group during the year 2000 in Dubai, the way the founders envisaged it to be. With a humble beginning by 754 Taxis as a first franchise of Road & Transport Authority (RTA) Dubai, Cars Taxi Group is currently operating more than 5,000 Taxis across UAE/GCC. We are staunch supporter of promoting Green environment, hence we are also the first Taxi Franchise Company in UAE to incorporate & increase the usage of Hybrid/CNG vehicles in our Taxi Fleet.

With intense focus on innovation and pivotal practices for qualitative customer services, Cars Taxi Group has reached the pinnacle of excellence across the global Transport services arena. Being the Transport Partner of Choice, today Cars Taxi’s name is synonymous with market’s best ‘Taxi services provider’ across various social echelons globally. Serving the customers with professionally trained and reliable drivers through eco-friendly & hygienic fleet. We believe in continuous betterment by valuing the feedbacks/comments from our customers. Our aim is to cater the transport requirements of all customers/tourists equally with the motive of “seeing-off them with smiling face at their respective destinations”. Our ‘Customer Care Units’ functions 24X7 to help the customers in retrieving their forgotten belongings or to alleviate their complaints/grievances (if any). Due to the continuous support from our valued customers, we are progressing towards ‘Pioneers for a better tomorrow’.

We've all heard the adage 'happy employees equate happy customers'. We all spend a lot of time trying to understand customer needs better. But how many of us actually apply the same methods to employees as we do for customers? Given how important customer happiness is to our business, we decided to take the various practices from customer development and turn it on our team. What motivates our employees? What drives them? What gets them out of bed in the morning? How do we, as a company, create a better 'product' such that 'people' would want to work here? How do we keep them eager to come back every morning or refer their friends? In fact, we as an organization believe in the holistic well-being of the employees, focusing upon their work as well as non-work life to facilitate better lifestyle. Though our Vision “To provide a world class, Quality, safety & reliable Taxi Services to entire Customers base and ensure customers delight” elucidates the consistent service quality—but our HR measures reflects our endless commitment towards our employees care.

Cars Taxi Group strives to create workplaces where employees are motivated to face the challenges and are able to work safely and comfortably, enjoying full mental and physical health. By respecting the diversity of our employees, we promote the creation of an environment in which all individuals can utilize their talents to the optimum while working in teams to achieve ambitious goals. By sharing their knowledge, based on their individual experiences and different ways of thinking, our employees are able to meet the increasingly diverse needs of our customers. This makes them the driving force for Cars Taxi Group’s sustained growth. As you review our website, I hope you will take note of our achievements and progress in best customer services, employee care & safety, environmental responsibility, sustainable business growth, and engaging and supporting our communities. As we strive to be an essential ingredient in our customers’ satisfaction through our motivated workforce, we are also fulfilling our responsibility to make sure the lives of all our stakeholders are happier and safer. We sincerely express our thanks & gratitude towards all the respective Transport Regulatory Authorities for their consistent patronage & support to Cars Taxi Group to extend its better / safest mode of transport service to the public.

Thank you for your interest in Cars Taxi family. We value your feedback and look forward to hear from you. You may contact us at any of our locations.

“We are all for CARS TAXI”

Abdulla Sultan Al Sabbagh

CEO –Cars Taxi Group.