Employee Welfare & CSR

Cars Taxi Group is the only organization in MENA region having the proactive approach towards the welfare of its employees by caring about their health, psycho-social & holistic well-being. To achieve this vision, the Management of Cars Taxi Group under the impeccable leadership of Mr. Abdulla Sultan Al Sabbagh, CEO, has an exclusive team comprising of Psychologist, Nursing Staff, etc. to implement the Wellness Programs.

Objectives of Corporate Wellness Program:-

  • To provide holistic welfare services to the employees across the Group.
  • To promote healthy social interaction among the employees outside & inside the work-place by reducing friction, resolving conflicts, modifying attitudes.
  • To provide guidance & counseling on behavioral, health, personal issues.


Major Aspects:-

I - Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives


II - Employee Wellness initiatives:

  • Preventive Health Care Program: to cater the health needs of employees
  • Sports activities
  • Humor Sessions
  • Informal Staff-Gatherings
  • Yoga/Orthopedic Sessions
  • Free Medical/Ortho Camps
  • Employee Day
  • Sponsoring Umrah pilgrimage
  • Appreciation of Good Drivers


Counseling Services:

  • Psychosocial Adjustment issues for Expatriates
  • Work related issues
  • Homesickness
  • Financial Issues
  • Health

Employee Education Services

  • Health
  • Governments’ –major rules & regulations, road safety, cultural sensitivity
  • Workplace safety &  Financial Management
  • Interpersonal relationships


Impact of Wellness Measures:

  • Reduction in the human-loss (deaths due to Cardiac problems), medical treatment expenses.
  • Gained Emotional support among the employees.
  • Effective Self-Management triggering the motivation & organizational bonding.
  • Connective link : Interdepartmental, interdivisional interactions.
  • Inculcating positive values, beliefs & attitudes in the minds of employees.
  • Better Industrial Harmony, Corporate Image in market.
  • Highly motivated employees, easy to incorporate/manage the organizational change.

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