Flag Day Celebration 01.11.2018

cars taxi celebrate the flag day

Fleet Maintenance / Accident Repair Strategy

Aim: Cars Taxi fleet services provides fit for purpose, safe, reliable and cost effective fleet enabling maintenance & accident deliveries at optimum level of services.

Cars Taxi Key Objectives for fleet service as follows :

  • To maintain cost effective timely process of repairs & maintenance
  • To maintain maximum utilization 97% plus throughout the year
  • To maintain an efficient & effective maintenance fleet ensuring vehicles are replaced as per de-fleet optimum replacement cycles in line with the transport authorities
  • To protect and enhance the environment supporting the concept by introduction of Hybrid vehicles in fleet service
  • To maximize the output from the most cost effective Cars Taxi Fleet solutions
  • Cars Taxi strictly follows the service schedule recommended by Toyota Motor Corporation service intervals every 10k kms
  • Cars Taxi Fleet dept., strictly follow the maintenance schedule as per ISO international standards
  • Cars Taxi maintains the full and detailed records for each vehicle history
  • Timely accident repairs are arranged with continuous insurance liaison with workshop to optimize maximum fleet utilization
  • Reducing administrative burdens
  • Consolidating and upgrading management operating data to identify the areas of risk and potential savings of the company
  • Improve safety records
  • Defining repair through regular preventing maintenance and on time diagnosis