Drivers Reception Area

The company aware that Drivers play a vital role in providing Quality taxi services. Keeping the above fact in mind, we had designed our offices and the operational procedures in such a way that Drivers can freely walk in to the office and fulfil their requirement without any hassle.



Drive through Payment system and washing facility

Cars Taxi has introduced the drive through payment system from the start of its taxi operations in the year 2000. Also, to avoid overcrowding in the Taxi Operation base station as well as the traffic congestion in the surrounding area, we have assigned time for the drivers for remitting their collection, physical checking of the vehicle, and cleanliness of the vehicle.


Quality Control

Taxis are being washed on daily basis and our Quality Inspectors carryout the inspections as per the taxi inspection check list and make sure that all taxis which are running on road with cleanliness and without any dents/scratches.


Driver Care Unit

We have dedicated well trained staff to handle driver’s problems and grievances. Drivers can freely walk into this office and meet the officer at any time during the office hours. It is the responsibility of the officer to solve the driver’s problems then and there. We strongly believe that the quality of taxi services improves significantly as we care more about drivers.

Appreciation for Best drivers

“On Street Mystery Quality Check” and Presenting Award to the best Drivers



In order to maintain world class quality taxi services in the Emirates, the division is continuously monitoring the performance towards drivers call centre booking jobs acceptance, taxis availability during peak and off peak business hours, Distribution of taxis in all regions of the Emirates.


Fleet Maintenance / Accident Repair Strategy

Aim: Cars Taxi fleet services provides fit for purpose, safe, reliable and cost effective fleet enabling maintenance & accident deliveries at optimum level of services.

Cars Taxi Key Objectives for fleet service as follows :

  • To maintain cost effective timely process of repairs & maintenance
  • To maintain maximum utilization 97% plus throughout the year
  • To maintain an efficient & effective maintenance fleet ensuring vehicles are replaced as per de-fleet optimum replacement cycles in line with the transport authorities
  • To protect and enhance the environment supporting the concept by introduction of Hybrid vehicles in fleet service
  • To maximize the output from the most cost effective Cars Taxi Fleet solutions
  • Cars Taxi strictly follows the service schedule recommended by Toyota Motor Corporation service intervals every 10k kms
  • Cars Taxi Fleet dept., strictly follow the maintenance schedule as per ISO international standards
  • Cars Taxi maintains the full and detailed records for each vehicle history
  • Timely accident repairs are arranged with continuous insurance liaison with workshop to optimize maximum fleet utilization
  • Reducing administrative burdens
  • Consolidating and upgrading management operating data to identify the areas of risk and potential savings of the company
  • Improve safety records
  • Defining repair through regular preventing maintenance and on time diagnosis

Drivers Leisure Program

Stress Management of Taxi Drivers.

We do conduct such activities in order to counter the stress on drivers, which may developed due to personal or work related factors.