Dependable, Fast and Safe

Cars Taxi Service offers the fastest, most convenient cab service in UAE, and beyond. We promise complete customer satisfaction with each and every ride. Cars Taxi drivers believe safety and courtesy is amongst our highest concerns.

Cars Taxi requires each of our owner-drivers to have an impeccable driving record. Cars Taxi also insists every cab driver will continue to maintain a clean, neat and safe vehicle an enjoyable ride.

Cars Taxi knows that a safe and courteous driver is the cornerstone of our business. Our rigorous safety and courtesy standards include:

  • All drivers are familiar with the Annapolis and surrounding areas, including the quickest routes to and from all the major airports.
  • All drivers must have a clean driving record and are required to pass a “defensive driving safety” certification program.
  • All drivers must attend a sensitivity training course and will never discriminate by age, physical ability, gender, race, or sexual orientation.
  • All drivers are trained to assist disabled passengers.
  • All drivers are required to properly maintain their vehicles, ensuring a safe, clean, comfortable, and pleasant experience.